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Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone has already gained 32 licensed projects having a combined investment capital of almost US$2 billion. Ten in the projects are foreign and are the cause of 71 percent from the capital.

Together, Bach Ma, Kneeling Elephants, Kim Lien and Quan Thanh temples make up the four sacred guardians of Thang Long- Hanoi. These temples and historic and cultural treasures that symbolize the artistry strength, self-reliance, and independence of Vietnamese people

He is wearing a hermit costume and has bare feet. The lest hand in the statue oases magic and also the right hand holds a sword shrouded by a snake propped from the back of an tortoise ( a snake symbolizes strength plus a tortoise represents immortality. s undying effectiveness against invasion The temple posesses a giant black bronze statue of Huyen Thien Tran Vu sitting on a stone pedestal 1. The statue carries a solemn, majestic look and depicts a man having a square face, a lengthy beard, and long hair. The statue is really a symbol of Vietnamese people? King Ly Thai To had the temple integrated 1010 to safeguard the north border of Thang Long Citadel.

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The huge lagoon with the village extends for eight kilometers inland and it is lit up in the evening by thousands of lamps on fishing boats lying at anchor. The scene has become immortalized in poetry and prose innumerable times.

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- The opening ceremony will probably be held with the Hanoi authorities and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the Ly Thai To statue, Dinh Tien Hoang road along with the space around the Hoan Kiem Lake inside the morning of October 1.

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When passing the temple , he went into pray to Cao Son for support . s construction shortly after the establishment of Thang Long. Shortly thereafter Le Tuong Duc successfully restored the Le Dynasty. In 1509, Le Tuong Duc marched his troop from Thanh Hoa to Thang Long to squash Le Uy Muc? s support, King Le Tuong Duc had the temple replaced with a bigger plus more beautiful one in King Hoa ward, which has been then near Thang long. s merits in order that his deeds will be remembered with the generations. According to document kelp inside the temple, King Ly Thai To ordered the temple? It is carved with records of saint miraculous deeds and verses to pray him composed by historian Le Tung in 1510. He also ordered his historians to compile epitaphs about the saint? Every year, a traditional festiv! In return for your saint? 43 meters tall, 1,57 meters wide and 0,22 meter thick dedicated to Cao Son. the temple includes a huge stone Stele of 2. The throne stele was erected in 1772.

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