Top 10 Surreal Landscapes On Earth

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This national park had been the residence of Kija Aborigines through the rainy season. The Painted Desert is found Northern Arizona inside the United States

Purnululu National Park, Australia
Purnululu National Park in western Australia was almost unknown towards the outside world even though its first aerial photo was published inside early 1980s.

Jews built the underground city to escape from the pursuit in the Roman army. Petrified Forest is amongst the popular tourist destinations in Argentina

Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia in central Turkey was one with the main roads in ancient time. Above ground, Cappadocia valley has numerous honeycomb cliffs and volcanic cones. They are formed by lava eruption or eroded by rain, wind and water.

They left their marks through paintings on stone and temples. Wadi Rum desert continues to be home of numerous tribes since Prehistoric Age. At dawn or dusk, multitude of stars sparkle during the night sky. Lake Bogoria can be a saline alkaline lake in Kenya

Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum in southern Jordan includes sand valleys and huge dunes. They are separated by monolithic rock, natural arches and slender canyons.

Wadi Rum is commonly known as The Valley from the Moon in south Jordan

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni is often a vast salt flat near the crest from the Andes. Salar de Uyuni features red and green lagoons, pink flamingos, smoking volcanoes, giant cacti, hot springs and spitting geysers.

Lake Myvatn, Iceland
Lake Myvatn in Iceland is halong bay hotels found near many active volcanoes. With an area of approximately 37 km2, it really is surrounded by craters, lava pillars and mud pits and a lot of islets. Lake Myvatn is rich in numerous type of waterfowl particularly ducks.

It is like a sun-baked picture on the high plateau in Arizona with vibrant red, orange, blue, grey and pink. Cappadocia in Turkey is most beneficial known for its unique moon-like landscape

Painted Desert, Arizona, USA
Painted Desert stretches from the Grand Canyon National Park on the Petrified Forest National Park. The desert consists of stratified layers of easily erodible siltstone, mudstone, and shale in the Triassic Chinle Formation.

Salar de Uyuni is part in the Altiplano of Bolivia in South America

Petrified Forest, Argentina
Petrified Forest is situated in Patagonia towards the south of Argentina with a lot of fossilized trees. However, during the formation in the Andes, large-scale volcanic activity burned forests in Patagonia, and the forests are changed into stone. 130 million in years past, this place was covered with halong bay guide giant araucaria trees.

Lake Bogoria, Kenya
Lake Bogoria can be a large saline lake while using depth of about 10m in Kenya. 5 km wide could be the paradise of eagles flying overhead and the incredible amount of flamingos. Rich in sodium salts and minerals, no blue-green algae can live here. Lake Bogoria is in volcanic areas. Nature always owns stunning landscapes that we hardly discover every one of them. The following list will unveil the earth's most surreal sceneries including Halong Bay, Valley of Desolation, Painted Desert as well as other beautiful destinations. The lake is 34 km long, 3.

In 1880, a volcanic eruption here turned it in to a desert. Fauna and flora has reduced dramatically since then. Today only lizards, ants, cockroaches are living inside valley because boiling mud and fumaroles dot this place frequently. Purnululu National Park was declared as a World Heritage Site in Western Australia in 1987

Valley of Desolation, Dominica
Valley of Desolation in Dominica was once rainforest.

In 1994, Ha Long Bay was recognized as being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The geological phenomenon with the Valley of Desolation declared a National Heritage Site lies inside the Camdeboo National Park

Halong Bay, Vietnam
halong bay hotels ( Bay is really a small bay about the western coast with the Gulf of Tonkin. With an area of approximately 1553 km2, it provides 1969 islets most of which are made of limestone.