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I can begin to see the group is impressed using this type of sparkling metropolis located between Malaysia and Indonesia. We start with an orientation tour at the top of Mt. Asia, a bustling port that's modernized by the British Empire. Here is the leader of S. 76% are Chinese along with the other minorities blend harmoniously. s referred to as the ? Farber with spectacular views. Singapore can be a city, state, capital and country all-in-one and draws 8 million visitors per year, yet few Americans have not yet discover it. and inhabited by 4 million souls.

At night Terry & I dine on jumbo chili crabs and rice cakes. All cars include alarms to sound if someone exceeds the rate limit. No graffiti, no gangs plus this tightly ? s the death penalty for drug traffickers. Some individuals opt to head back towards the zoo to get a Jungle Breakfast using the Orangutans. This vibrant island-state of Singapore is glistening clean with purple bougainvillea bushes lining the highways. We all make jokes about getting caned for nicotine gum or jay-walking.

There are 150 mega-malls by incorporating that never close. So much to complete 24/7, its like Hong Kong on steroids. m a label slave and buying a used authentic Rolex with documents for a fraction than it? We have only 4 days here. After dark, it becomes party city on the trendy Clarke Quay area with the river. The Arts Festival is up with a multitude of venues.

There are some near-misses on the red lights that are always ignored. We all laugh as locals stare. We turn most downtown to determine 28 bicycle-rickshaws lined up to peddle us individually with an hour through the narrow scooter filled lanes of oncoming traffic. is considered huge even just in America. driver peddles him effortlessly in keeping with our group. Here he looked like King Tut seated on a throne as his 90lb. After several hours, I found myself lost in a area of town without taxis. I had to get to join others for supper. On the highway, I wrap my legs and arms around my driver such as an octopus. No choice but to employ a ride on the scooter. Dressed in a skirt with my arms full of bags, I mount the small seat and we? We later go our separate methods of independent exploration. The highlight of the trip for me was our group cyclo-tour through Old Hanoi on the last day. He laughs the whole way towards the Sheraton.

This mix of music and dance on water was the cause of entertainment of villagers long ago. I offer an embroidered silk dress cut to my body in 4 hours for $45. Some look for souvenirs while some have clothes customized for them. We also visited the handicraft villages for coupons in art, ceramics and lacquerware. We felt like millionaires yet it turned out disheartening to master that the annual per capita salary is just $320! Some go for massages and pedicures at prices that can? We then scatter to research the city, Asia? The currency is often a great challenge for all of us as $10,500 dong equals 65 cents. We attend the Water Puppet Show, a ancient art form unique and then Hanoi. We tip generously throughout.

With 8 magazines, 6 movies, 4 meals as well as a sleeping pill, I arrive relaxed and ready to explore. We board highest rated Singapore Airlines with about 30 hours to travel. I simply love aircrafts and long term flights. s ultra-modern airport invites you to linger with free internet terminals, a cinema, rooftop pool area, aromatherapy spas, oxygen bars, indoor nature garden with waterfalls and koi pond. American halong bay guide tours airports continue to be not people friendly.

We view the dungeons with leg irons, torture equipment and ? Later we visit Hoa Lo Prison, or Fiery Furnace. We also perform walking tour over the Old Quarter where each narrow lane was named for its ancient craft: Silk St. s the Vietcong used this like a prisoner of war detention center for American pilots shot down in the Vietnam War. It was our captive pilots that sardonically named this place ? Country rat is ceremoniously served at all birthday parties. Thit Chow is dog stew that's considered peasant food here. Hong leads us to your food market with turtles, sea slugs, pig heads as well as other unmentionable creatures available for sale. Built by the French in 1896, thousands of political prisoners were tortured here until 1954.

Communist armed soldiers command us to silent reverence, no cameras, umbrellas, sunglasses and arms at our sides. The sun shined on our daily tours which included the Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, the French Quarter along with the memorial to Ho Chi Mihn. We fall into line with a huge selection of people to go into the tomb where his preserved body's visibly encased much like Lennon in Moscow.