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I am a fan of the Third World. Whereas Singapore was dynamic, Hanoi is culturally stimulating. s like time machine travel back for the 15th century on this graceful land that's steeped of all time. There is however, an alluring charm which can be found in the gentility of these people while using sincerest of smiles. We arrive to another world with rice paddies, sampans, lotus blossoms, coconut milk and noodle soups. It is far poorer than I anticipated. It can be a dichotomy that bustles with Chi-energy yet is tranquil at the same time. The city is studded with lakes and shaded by tamarind trees.

They also have laser a laser show on certain nights. This was set to the amazing music of Pink Floyd. The Dream also incorporates a huge outdoor movie screen. They play movies, concerts, sports entertainment and feeds of activities for the ship.

We board award winning Singapore Airlines with about 30 hours to visit. s ultra-modern airport invites one to linger with free internet terminals, a cinema, rooftop swimming pool, aromatherapy spas, oxygen bars, indoor nature garden with waterfalls and koi pond. I simply love aircrafts and long haul flights. American airports continue to be not people friendly. With 8 magazines, 6 movies, 4 meals plus a sleeping pill, I arrive relaxed and able to explore.

The entertainment fully briefed was five stars. The Carnival Dream had the best shows of the cruise we have been on. The room stewards are perfect as usual using their service and towel creations. We had an everyday balcony also it was a great cabin. The cabins are common very clean and modern. They have a Cirque du Soleil meets Broadway demonstrate that was outstanding.

We like being waited on for breakfast and there are more choices inside dining room. We also just like the any time dining. I do recommend going towards the dining room enjoying as the lido deck could possibly get a little crowded. You can choose this approach and dine between 5:45 p. The service was as usual first class. They have the upper level of the Crimson dining room dedicated to this approach. The food was simply amazing at any of the places we dined.

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The Dream leaves year long out of Port Canaveral Florida. It sails the Eastern and Western Caribbean which is one of the halong tours largest within the Carnival fleet at 136,000 tons and 3,646 passengers. The Carnival Dream is definitely an amazing ship with the amenities of a five star resort. halong cruises bay kayaking Many people ask which carnival cruise ship is the best. We could always look for a spot at well known hangout up to speed, the adults' only serenity deck. This spot features two adult hot tubs and very comfortable chairs and umbrellas. Even with this lots of people on board the ship never appeared to be crowded on the sold out ship. It is definitely an online community to speak with other passengers, use the internet, preview shore excursions, get weather information and discover upcoming activities. The ship also features something totally new called the fun hub. We have been on twelve Carnival luxury cruise ships and there is one ship that shines above the others thus far, the Carnival Dream. This port is incredibly professional and clean.

It is a 303 foot long corkscrew tube slide. The waterworks park is fun for youngsters and adults. The twister water slide is well known. We must have gone around the water slides over twenty times on our seven day cruise.

halong guides day tours There also is a pretty cool mini the game, but it can get somewhat windy sometimes of those games being fun. On deck 12 you will find there's basketball court and volleyball court. We made good use of the 1/8 mile long jogging track.

We fly time for Singapore for the good nights rest in the Le Meridian before our long flight where you can Los Angeles via Tokyo. I reflect on another journey well done with new insights gained on background and cultures. It was like visiting two different planets within one vacation. This is certainly an Asian affair never to be forgotten. The contrast of this trip is obvious in our photos in the contemporary garden paradise of Singapore on the new renaissance of traditional Vietnam.

The sun shined on our daily halong tours (visit my web site) which included the Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, the French Quarter and also the memorial to Ho Chi Mihn. Communist armed soldiers command us to silent reverence, no cameras, umbrellas, sunglasses and arms at our sides. We line up with hundreds of people to go into the tomb where his preserved body's visibly encased just like Lennon in Moscow.

Over 60 had begged me to provide these destinations, but most bailed eleventh hour claiming anxiety about bird flu. m escorting my smallest group yet with 28 singles. s being a vacation for me using this quality over quantity entourage of culture-vultures.